Irish Sport Horses

Kersbrook Sinead (2010)

We bred 'Sinead' as the replacement for Justine's ageing hunter 'Kazam'. Having heard glowing reports of the versatility of the Irish Draught and the resultant Irish Sport from crossbreeding, a full appreciation of the breed came when Justine hunted in the UK and Ireland during the 1997/98 season.
'Sinead' is, by definition, an Irish Sport Horse (ISH) as the result of her Irish Draught mother, 'Bridget', being crossed with a warmblood stallion, Jingara Showman. Had 'Bridget'  been covered by an Irish Draught stallion to produce 'Sinead', the filly would have been eligible for Irish Draught registration, instead of Irish Sport Horse Society Registration.

Unfortunately, 'Sinead' suffered broken vertebrae in her neck at 20 months of age in a freak accident during a storm. Spinal Vet Dr Ian Bidstrup credits her recuperation and amazing recovery to her frame, her docile and unflappable nature and the sheer abilty of the horse to accommodate the injury and just get on with living. Sinead will be broken-in to saddle as a 3 year old in 2013 and will be retained for the occasional pleasure ride until she is mated back to an Irish Draught stallion in 2014, when she will commence her broodmare duties.

'Sinead', foaled 18/09/2010 - the first foal of the 'Bridget'/Jingara Showman matings.
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