Irish Sport Horses: Foals and Weanlings

Bridget delivers Brown Colt Kersbrook Seamus DOB 23/09/2013

13. Nov, 2013
Bridget presented a very healthy, strong & bold brown colt early in the morning of Monday 23rd September, 2013.

Breeding from 'Bridget'

Seamus - 8hrs old

The decision to breed from 'Bridget' was an easy one. She is a beautiful mare and a perfect Australian-bred example of the Irish Draught. Choosing the right stallion to cover her required considerable thought. We wanted a stallion with agility, flair and exceptional temperament. Her mating with Jingara Showman has resulted in two exceptional fillies - Sinead (2010) and Siobhan (2011) and now Seamus (2013) see photo left.


'Bridget' is again in foal to Jingara Showman - when the combination produces foals of this calibre, its makes sense to keep producing them.

Supplementary Irish Draught (SID) dam, Bally Bridget, with 2011 filly foal Bally Siobhan at foot (14 hours old).
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