Irish Sport Horses: 3 yr old

Bally Siobhan * Brown Filly * Foaled 19/11/11

Yearling Bally Siobhan.

Unlike her older full sister 'Sinead', 'Siobhan' is a solid brown with black points. With physical attributes resembling her dam, 'Siobhan' is also intelligent, calm, unflappable and loves her feed. 'Siobhan' demonstrates all the traits of her Irish Draught dam and the showiness of her warmblood sire. She is very smart and only needs to be taught something once. We chose to breed 'Bridget' back to Jingara Showman, resulting in 'Siobhan', because of 'Sinead' her older full sister's tractability, quiet nature and exceptional confirmation. 'Siobhan' has delighted us with her development and growth thus far.

'Siobhan' will be for sale once registered with the Australian Irish Draught and Sport Horse Society (IDSHS).

'Siobhan' has inherited her dam's kind eye and gentle nature.
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